Anonymous said: oh my, I just wanted to say that I missed you ^_^ and welcome back :)

I missed you too sir anon XD


Hi to all my followers~

I know I know, I didn’t post any comic strip this week.

Well, what’s been happening is that I discovered my second love (after IU) and her name is Juniel. And I’ve been spending all my time making a portrait of her. She has an amazing voice and her singing style is very much similar to IU.

Name: 최준희 (Choi Joon Hee)

Blood type: B

P.S: I hate the fact of how much of the graphite texture I loose when I scan it

Female Student

Flower Meaning

I’m back… maybe?

Hello dear followers!!

It has been a very while since my last post, and for that I apologize.

Life has been very busy for me during the past months. I changed jobs, and I lost my job last week. Nowadays I’m just having a lot of thinking (and loathing) and coming up with different plans for my future hahaha. And I suddenly decided to check tumblr preparing myself to find half of my followers gone. But to my surprise, nobody left and I gained more followers during my absence?? O.o. I was shocked, and then grateful.

Thank you very much to all of my followers!! =D


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a-plague-rat said: Hey~ I love this blog with all my hearth <3 You know, I was wondering, how would the Blood Types act when traveling?

Thank you for liking my blog rozenann. Here is a short one on travel

Snowball Fight

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Anonymous said: please do the one on what they do when it snows! <3

Here it goes! XD. I’m kinda sad that it didn’t snow and pile in NY yet :/

Reaction: End Of The World

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